manicure na imprezę

It’s Friday so probably many of you are now getting ready for the party.Given that today is Friday, probably many of you will now get ready for ...

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party manicure

poduszka DIY

One of the easiest things that you can sew on a machine is the pillow. And this is ideal for beginners. It can also be an interesting way to decorate ...

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how to sew a pillow

krewetki z guacamole, krewetki, guacamole. danie na rocznicę

Since today is my and Dobert’s third anniversary, I decided to prepare something special for lunch. I looked on the internet interesting recipe...

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prawns on guacamole

robienie herbaty

If you are looking for a creative gift idea, the ideal solution may be hand-made ​​teabags. Is not difficult, and the effect is surprisingly eye c...

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handmade tea bags

paznokcie ombre, malowanie paznokci ombre, ombre

Dear Girls, In this post I’ll show you how easy it is to paint nails in the ombre style. Ombre refers to a color fading from dark to light, or...

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ombre nails tutorial

czapka z wełny, pluszowy miś

As promised, today I will show the first (completed) thing Icrocheted for my Boyfriend. There I have not finished a scarf, because I realized that wou...

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making a crochet hat

pasta alla norma

I like to eat. I also like to wait with a warm dinner for my Boyfriend, after he returns from work. My Man loves it too, I assure you. Start to tak...

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pasta alla norma

ręcznie robione kolczyki

How much satisfaction can we have when someone praised the jewelry we did… ! 🙂 I’ll show you how to do your first hand-made ​​ea...

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simple DIY earrings

pudełeczko na owoce

Today, putting aside sewing for a while, I’ll show you how to do the simplest in the world cardboard box for small fruits such as strawberries, ...

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simple fruit box

przerobiona kurtka dżinsowa

One day I decided to do something with an old dress bought in a Chinese store, which I wore once, if at all. Unfortunately, it was a year ago and bac...

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redesign of an old dress

maszyna do szycia

I have already wrote that a year ago on the Children’s Day I got a new sewing machine. I also wrote that it is a perfect model for beginners, ...

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Sewing machine for begginers

bransoletki DIY

Each adventure of DIY has to start somewhere. The first thing I did by myself, was a bracelet. I think everyone knows how to thread the beads on elast...

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simple DIY bracelets

zestaw do szydełkowania

It is a unique, long-awaited by many people day. For me, except that it is Children’s Day (yes, despite I am over 18 now I still get gifts fo...

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Children’s Day