Joining forces means that now, through this website, you can buy wool products all hand made by my dear friend Ania Cudzich. Quality and satisfaction guaranteed!

Few words about Ania:

Crocheting is one of my biggest hobbies. As I became a happy mom, I have less and less time for needlework, therefore, temporary I accept the orders only for kids clothes. I specialize in hats. When it comes to the delivery time, at the moment it is about a week. But it depends on the mission that I have and how many orders I received. I had to lenghten this time, since now I can knit only in late evenings 😛

Sample products are listed below. If any of you would like to get more information, please fill in this form:

Pictured is 13 months old Hula Ola <3

Dress made ​​for a special order, took me a lot of time, but looks fantastic! It consists of a ‘bra’ panties with fringe and band.

Made of acrylic wool.

Price: 15 euro (depends on size).


strój Hula-hula

Again Ola, this time in woolen Minnie cap. It absorbs a lot of time, but also gives a lot of joy. Order was very much in advance, as I mostly prefer 🙂

Wool: ‘Kitten’, 100% acrylic.

Size (girth): 45cm

Price: 12 euro

czapka minnie

Gorgeous froggy Natan <3

Eyes do not not fall, because they double layered. Finished with a ribbing, although it is possible to strap it too.

Wool ‘Kitten’

Size (girth): 42 cm.

Price: 10 euro

czapka żabka

Little wonders I made some time ago. Doggy was a client’s project, which I wouldn’t rather be able to repeat. Inspired by Pinterest designs <3

czapki z wełny

czapka sowa

czapki z wełny

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