gift ideas

poduszka DIY

One of the easiest things that you can sew on a machine is the pillow. And this is ideal for beginners. It can also be an interesting way to decorate ...

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how to sew a pillow

robienie herbaty

If you are looking for a creative gift idea, the ideal solution may be hand-made ​​teabags. Is not difficult, and the effect is surprisingly eye c...

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handmade tea bags

czapka z wełny, pluszowy miś

As promised, today I will show the first (completed) thing Icrocheted for my Boyfriend. There I have not finished a scarf, because I realized that wou...

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making a crochet hat

ręcznie robione kolczyki

How much satisfaction can we have when someone praised the jewelry we did… ! 🙂 I’ll show you how to do your first hand-made ​​ea...

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simple DIY earrings

bransoletki DIY

Each adventure of DIY has to start somewhere. The first thing I did by myself, was a bracelet. I think everyone knows how to thread the beads on elast...

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simple DIY bracelets