poduszka DIY

One of the easiest things that you can sew on a machine is the pillow. And this is ideal for beginners. It can also be an interesting way to decorate ...

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how to sew a pillow

przerobiona kurtka dżinsowa

One day I decided to do something with an old dress bought in a Chinese store, which I wore once, if at all. Unfortunately, it was a year ago and bac...

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redesign of an old dress

maszyna do szycia

I have already wrote that a year ago on the Children’s Day I got a new sewing machine. I also wrote that it is a perfect model for beginners, ...

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Sewing machine for begginers

zestaw do szydełkowania

It is a unique, long-awaited by many people day. For me, except that it is Children’s Day (yes, despite I am over 18 now I still get gifts fo...

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Children’s Day