It is a unique, long-awaited by many people day. For me, except that it is Children’s Day (yes, despite I am over 18 now I still get gifts for this occasion), this is the day in which I started this website.

I will not repeat what is this blog about, this information can be found in the “about me” box.

You just wanted to mention a very important and often neglected thing, namely striving to make somebody happy. Just a small gesture that shows that we care about the other person, and you will see that smile on a face of your boyfriend, husband, child, or anyone else. This will reward you all the effort.

Returning to the Children’s Day, here’s a gift – needlework set, which I got from my Boyfriend:

needlework set

Of course, I did not wait long to test the new tool. In the beginning I chose the simplest thing to crochet, a scarf (the pattern that I chose I found in the instruction and it looked the easiest).

As soon as I finish it, I will inform you of the result!

Last year, my Boyfriend, gave me for a Children’s Day a sewing machine. It is largely this gift contributed to the start of this site. With this device I could increase the number of DIY stuff that I make, and begin to modify my and my Man’s clothes.

Here’s my sewing machine, still in excellent condition, despite a year has passed:

maszyna do szycia

This model is ideal for beginners, that is for me, but I will write more about the sewing machines in another post.

I hope you will love my ideas and I will inspire you to action!


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