Beautiful, hand-made ​​jewelry is now available for purchase through our website. The most appropriate definition of jewelry made by En Jot is ‘uncommon’, but also durability and color are its great advantage.

A few words about En Jot:


I am En Jot and creat(ures)ions presented here are products of mine and only mine imagination.
I love the swirls and playing with colors, so my main material are zippers and multicolored corals, but sometimes I experiment with other materials.

I work on individual orders and do not duplicate previous designs – each presented project is unique, therefore delivery time varies from 2 to 5 days… During my work I have only one thought on my mind: I wish women wearing my jewelry feel beautiful and unique!

Feel free to gather my little creat(ures)ions.

You’ll find sample designs below. If you are interested in or have any questions, do not hesitate to fill out the form below and contact En Jot.

GLORIA PENDANT – Pendant in retro style made ​​of zippers, beads, pearls and sequins with purple rose in the center. Trimmed with lace, on the felt lining, supplied with a chain. Only one piece available. I do not make two identical projects! 🙂

Price: 5 €

zawieszka gloria

zawieszka gloria

NECKLACE DANDYS – Short, elegant necklace, great for a big night in the town. Made of zippers, pearls, beads and wool, with a rose in the middle. Hanging on a woolen drawstring, tied on the neck, on a felt lining. Only one piece available. I do not do two identical necklaces!

Price: 5 €kolia dandys


kolia dandys

ETNICA NECKLACE – An unique necklace made of zippers, wooden beads, sequins and amber. On the felt lining. Tied on the side on a string of wooden beads. Only one piece available .

Price: 10 €

kolia etnica

kolia etnica

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