One of the easiest things that you can sew on a machine is the pillow. And this is ideal for beginners.

It can also be an interesting way to decorate your home or be a great hand-made ​​gift.

DIY pillow

To sew pillows we need:

  • fabric (I’ve used two pieces 36 x45 cm)
  • polyester fibers (or cotton) to fill a pillow
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • tailor’s soap or chalk
  • tape-measure

NOTE! Setting the dimensions of the pillow add the 3 cm for an overlap!

instruments to sew pillows

Prior to measuring the sides of the pillow, you should iron the fabric. It is really important that there are no creases.

Draw on a fabric two rectangles using a tailor’s soap in the size you want your pillow have.

tailor's soap

Then we cut the material along the drawn lines.

scissors on a fabric

Then bend the edges, making a 2 inch tab (overlap) on each side, and then iron it.

ironing a fabric

For corners to look nicely, you can iron them in this way:

szycie poduszki

Now with pins join both pieces of material so as not to shift during sewing.

My good advice is to set the pin heads in the opposite direction to movement of the material on the machine. It will make them easier to pull out while sewing 🙂

szycie poduszki

Then, using a sewing machine, sew together pieces of material at a distance of about 1 inch from the edge.

szycie poduszki

Remember to leave about 3 inches unstitched so that you can stuff a pillow with polyester fiber!

szycie poduszki

Then stuff the pillow with polyester fiber and sew finally.


Our rabbit likes it 🙂

handmade pillow


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