As promised, today I will show the first (completed) thing Icrocheted for my Boyfriend.

There I have not finished a scarf, because I realized that would be too narrow.

I did a simple cap instead:

wool hat on a teddy bear

When I finished, I decided that I would do one more to perpetuate next steps on the pictures.

If you have very thin knitting wool (like me in this case) knit using a double thread.

how to begin knitting

Wrap the knitting wool around the first rod counter-clockwise.

Than do the same with subsequent posts.

another step when you start knitting a hat

After finishing of the first row start another one.

statr of knitting

When we had the first two rows, dump bottom thread from the “tooth” with a crochet hook.

wool on a knitting loom

knitting hats

knitting hats

Once you have again only one thread around the loom continue wrapping the thread around the bars in the counter clockwise direction.

knitting with a loom

Continue as long as you reach around 10 cm (4 in) of length.

knitting hats with a loom

Next leave on the loom a single row wool. Then for each mesh on the pole we search for a corresponding stitch at the end of fabric. Than put it on the same “tooth” like you would do with a wool from a hank. It will be a ribbing of the cap.

half a way done knitting hat

So for each mesh on the loom you should find the first stitch.

knitting hats

After it’s done you continue dropping bottom thread on the top one.

knitting hats

knitting a hat

Once finished continue like in the beginning as long as the hat will be long enough.

knitting a woolen hat

When you will come to the conclusion that the cap has reached the expected height, cut off the knitting wool to a length of about 10 cm. Then thread the needle with another single knitting wool of a length of about half the circumference of your loom.

knitting a hat

Thread the needle through the loop on the first pillar.

knitting a hat

Always hold the end of a thread with your thumb.

knitting a hat

After done all of them take off a mesh from first pillar.

knitting a hat

Go to the next one. After you take all of them from the loom you can put it aside because you will not use it anymore 🙂

knitting a hat with a loom

You now have 4 threads: double thread that you was making stitches with and the two ends of a single thread, which you string with a needle.

how to finish knitting a hat

Our cap is now on the right side. To tie it, we must reverse the cap on the left side. Then take the two ends of the strung thread. Tie them up.

Finished 🙂 Your first knitted hat is ready!

knitting a hat

This is my Boyfriends new hat 🙂

handmade woolen hat

As you can see knitting a cap is not difficult. You only need to be patient and do not be discouraged too quickly


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