Dear Girls,

In this post I’ll show you how easy it is to paint nails in the ombre style. Ombre refers to a color fading from dark to light, or vice versa.

We start with the tools.

We will need, of course nail polish. I would recommend not to use more than 3 different colors at once. The best is if colors are similar shades, but it is not a must.

Well… It is NOT normal to mix glossy with matte or with with sparkling ones.

nail polishes, variety of colorsTo do ombre manicure we will also need the sponge. Special manicure sponge you can get in any drugstore.

manicure sponges

Paint your nails and wait until they are well dry. I remind you about applying a layer of nail conditioner before. This prevents nails deterioration.

malowanie paznokci, czerwone paznokcie

Then apply second color of a nail polish on the sponge. To make it easier, I recommend to trim earlier sponge so that its width was the same as the width of a thumb nail.

ombre nails, manicure

Then gently press the  sponge against the nail to apply it.

pressing a sponge against the nail

After applying second color on each nail, cover them with a fixative nail polish. This will create a delicate blurry color fading from one to another and the ombre effect will be more subtle.

painting ombre manicure

Here they are:

ombre manicure

If you believe that a layer of paint on your nails is too thick, you can do an ombre manicure another way.

Instead of painting at the beginning of the whole nail with one color and then applying another color with the sponge, you can from the beginning apply two colors of nail polish onto sponge in stripes of selected colors. It this way with a one punch you will cover entire nail plate with two of them at the time.

I believe that this method is less effective because it covers skin around the nail with nail polish. On the other hand, due to this way of application, the layer on the nail is thinner and dries faster.

I hope you will try it out!


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