It’s Friday so probably many of you are now getting ready for the party.Given that today is Friday, probably many of you will now get ready for the party.

Have you been thinking how to paint your nails? Maybe you will like my idea for manicure or just use it as an inspiration ­čÖé


manicure na imprez─Ö

You will need:

  • two normal nail polishes
  • two polishes with a special brush to make patterns
  • base for polish
  • top coat

paznokcie na imprez─ÖGirls! Once more I would like to recall you to use the base before applicating the nail polish! It is very important because it prevents nail plate from demages! This will also event out ridges and evenness you can encounter on your nails.

paznokcie na imprez─Ö

After applicating the base, paint all your nails with exception for those on ring-fingers on one colour.

paznokcie na imprez─Ö

Nails on ring-fingers you should paint using another colour – I chose white. If needed, put two layers of the nails polish.

manicure na imprez─Ö

From this time we won’t do anything with the nails of ring-nails.Od tej pory nie b─Ödziemy ju┼╝ nic robi─ç z paznokciami palc├│w serdecznych.

After the polish is dried out, make two parallel lines on the end of the nails – as shown on the photo. It is extremely important to make these lines by one movement of the hand. Don’t correct them – you will only make them worse!

manicure na imprez─Ö

Make one more line using another color between two lines already on your nail.

paznokcie na imprez─Ö

The last step is to use top coat.

I use shining specimen from Inglot. All you have to do is to applicate two drops of the liquide. Thanks for that your manicure is stronges, more shiny and colours are deeper. As alternative you can use top coats the normal nail polish.

Have a nice weekend!



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