I have already wrote that a year ago on the Children’s Day I got a new sewing machine. I also wrote that it is a perfect model for beginners, which is sufficient to all my needs. Below you’ll find out how to use your sewing machine and all the basics that you need to know to start using it.

Sewing machine

my sewing machine

It is a model of a Polish manufacturer Łucznik, Zofia 2015. More technical information about the machine can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Here is a photo of all Zofia’s stitches:

sewing machine stitches

Be prepared that, despite the fact that some of the stitches look great, generally at the beginning you will use only two, namely, straight stitch and zigzag.

With a straight stitch we sew pieces of cloth together, and zig-zag stitch we apply to edges to prevent fraying of the fabric. Instead of zigzag stitch can use over-lock, which at the same time joins fabric and prevent it from fraying.

To jump start I recommend you take spare pieces of cloth and try out already discussed stitches including decorative ones.

sewing tools and accessories

There are a few tools, which you have to get before you start your adventure with sewing.

You will of course need threads. Remember that thread should be in the same or very similar color to the material that we use, unless you want to give clothes / things original, eye-catching finish.


Another very important tool is the scissors. It is important to buy special scissors for cutting fabrics and once you have them do not use them for any other purposes, such as paper, because they will quickly blunt and stop cutting cloth.

dressmaker's tools and accessories

In the picture you can see the measuring tape. It should have a hole at the end, through which, when necessary, you will be able to draw arc or circle directly on the cloth, with no need to prepare delineator first.

To draw anything on the fabric it is better to use tailors soap (pictured) or tailoring marker. Both are easy washable leaving no marks and  do not damage the cloth.

A must are also pins, which will tie up two pieces of fabric together so that they will not slide while sewing.

For beginners it is also good to use the iron. Firstly, the fabric that we use for sewing will not be crushed, secondly, it can can smooth folds of fabric that does not deflect while sewing.

Small cosmetic scissors are helpful during the sewing process, when we cut off unnecessary threads.

You can learn how to use a sewing machine from the following film. Shown in the video is on how to start a thread, where is the bobbin, presser foot, how to change stitches and many other useful things.

How to Use your Sewing Machine (for Beginners)

One last comment to sewing backwards. Every time you start and finish sewing make a few stitches forward and to the back to prevent unraveling.

I hope that I explained you the basics in a fairly transparent manner and now you are prepared to start using sewing machine 🙂

Write your questions in comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible.


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