Each adventure of DIY has to start somewhere. The first thing I did by myself, was a bracelet.

I think everyone knows how to thread the beads on elastic, so I will not write a lot about how I made these bracelets. Try it yourself! I just want to inspire you to create your first hand-made ornaments ­čÖé

One of my first DIY bracelets

Bracelet with wooden beads

Bracelets set of beads purchased in Empik store

With proper selection of the more bracelets the better!

If we’re on the inspiration, I wanted to share with you pictures of interesting bracelets that I bought for (literally) pennies in India.

Bracelets bought in India

One day, walk around the Ganges river, I noticed the stall with thousands of beads. As a supporter of DIY products immediately jumped into it. It turned out that I can compose my own bracelets and the seller creates them on spot. Here are some of my bracelets-gifts:

Indian bracelets with large beads purchased in bulk

Have fun with beads!


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