How much satisfaction can we have when someone praised the jewelry we did… ! 🙂

I’ll show you how to do your first hand-made ​​earrings.

In the beginning you will need to get a few tools.

The main thing I use are, of course, beads. You will find all of them useful, so remember to never dispose of old jewelry. Beads, clasps, virtually all the elements you can use to create something new!

It is handy to get also a special box to store the beads, so that you will always know what you have 🙂

beading set

Another thing, without which it will be hard to make earrings, are pendants.

pendants for earrings

Another one – the earring pins:

earring pins

Assembling earring is not difficult at all. The simplest forms are earrings which consist of pins with beads attached to pendants. Pins have a special heads preventing beads from slipping out. Then, the pin must be pressed with pliers tip, so as not to disengage from the pendant.


Below is an example of earrings that I made in this way. As you can see there is one pin attached to pendant and on the pin there is a variety of different beads.

hand made earrings

A must have tool that you will need to make earrings and bracelets are special forming pliers. They look like this:

earring tongs

You use them bend the pins and wires. With tongs, you can also form a wire into various shapes. With pliers can also use the metal wire as a pin if you do not have earring pins at the moment 🙂

This is the wire used for creating of jewelry:

jewelry wire

Sometimes for hand made earrings you will also need a chain:
jewelry chain

At Woodstock festival, which we go every year for several years already, are the jewelry making workshops. This year we there for the first time. I learned then how make another kind of very interesting earrings. Here they are:

handmade woodden earrings

They are made similar to the previous ones. You thread beads on the pins (studs need shortening with pliers), then use pliers forming hook at the end of a pin to prevent beads from slipping out. Finally you bend the hook at the chain and firmly attach it.

At the end of the chain we attach a pendant and this is it 🙂

The whole kits for making earrings can buy in EMPiK stores.

earring start set

You can also find there decorative beads that are sure to come in handy.

decorative earrings

At the end I will show you earrings, which (like the bracelet) I bought for pennies in India. Let them serve you as the inspiration!

Indian earrings

So, as you can see, self-made earrings are beautiful, unique and easy to do. Just a little bit of patience and basic manipulative skills are needed.

If anything above seems not to be very clear to you or you have any other questions feel free to ask them in comments section below.


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