Today, putting aside sewing for a while, I’ll show you how to do the simplest in the world cardboard box for small fruits such as strawberries, blackberries, etc. Ideal to do it with your child as a form of creative play 🙂

Final result looks like this:

cardboard fruit box

As you can see it is a simple card box but you can get really pretty effects, depending on the paper used. Use your imagination out and play with different materials! For example, a very interesting effect can also be obtained if you print the following template on a page cut from a magazine.

Here is the template in the PDF file that you can print on a sheet of A4 (or letter size) paper.

ikona pliku PDF

Cut out along the dotted line and bend along the lines. Finally glue the edges.

Then just flatten the box and voila! 🙂

Remember, of course, to make it out of cardboard rather than from a regular printing paper 🙂


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